Monday, June 22, 2009

Progressing the Dream

Just realized that it is some months since any activity on this site. I have been very busy with other aspects and research. Am seeing a solicitor this Friday at Mullumbimby to commence setting up the Trust and to register the Cooperative.

Also have been working with a steel building maker to start fabricating some panels for the prototype of an eight sided house.

Lots of things are happening around Aratula. Negotiating to lease 16 hectares of adjoining land.

Discussing with Land Care, Bush Heritage and Wilderness Society, also the Main Range National Park and the EPA regarding volunteer conservation work.

Trying to organise a tree planting project for Planet Ark in August.

So many things are going on. Oh yes, we have placed some small advertisements for members in Grass Roots and some other mags. Its all go now.

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